EB2 and EB3 PERM & I-140: Second and Third Preference Categories

What is an EB2/EB3 PERM Labor Certification case and who Qualifies?

EB-2, the second preference category for employment based green cards, is specifically for advanced degree professionals and persons of exceptional ability in sciences, arts or business. EB-3 applies to professional, skilled and unskilled workers.

EB-2 Advanced Degree: One must generally hold a graduate-level or professional degree to be considered an advanced degree professional for EB-2. If the applicant does not have an advanced degree, it may be possible to qualify with only a bachelor’s degree if he/she has 5+ years of progressive experience.

EB-2 Persons of Exceptional Ability: To qualify as a person of exceptional ability, the applicant must meet criteria which include 10 years of experience, professional license and industry recognition.

EB-3 Professional Worker: The minimum education required as an EB-3 Professional Worker is a U.S. bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.

EB-3 Skilled Worker: Applicants in this category require a minimum of 2 years of job experience or a 2-year degree.

EB-3 Unskilled Worker: To qualify in this category, an applicant requires some training/experience but less than 2 years of higher education. This application category is challenging as it is difficult for a company to demonstrate a lack of qualified American workers.

Before such a petition may be filed, a PERM labor certification has to be filed after the employer follows specific recruitment efforts to locate a qualified US Citizen or Permanent Resident for the job.

Required Documents

Evidence of required education and the company’s ability to pay the offered wage are necessary for a complete application. Labor Certification, filed under Program Electronic Review Management (PERM) is also required and demonstrates that the company tested the U.S. job market and was unable to find a qualified worker.

Documents supporting the PERM and I-140 visa petition include but are not limited to:

  • Foreign education evaluation
  • Evidence that the position was offered to U.S. workers
  • Offered wage meets prevailing wage requirements
  • Letter of support from company
  • Past employment experience letters and resume

Interesting Fact

A PERM/I-140 applicant may not include experience they have gained through employment with the petitioning company to satisfy the job requirements set during the Labor Certification process.

Attorney Role

EB-2 and EB-3 PERM/I-140 application is a complicated and multiphasic process. Ensuring that the petitioning company has complied with all of Department of Labor requirements is essential to a successful application. Substantial experience with the PERM and I-140 process is necessary to avoid the multitude of possible mistakes associated with this category of application.

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