About Us

We are a boutique immigration law firm practicing American Immigration & Nationality Law across the country, and we are a California State Bar certified professional law corporation. We effectively implement state-of-the-art technology for case management and to facilitate client communication. Our approach is to be exceptionally responsive to client needs, and to ensure that clients never feel as though they are dealing with a bureaucracy. Access to supervisory staff is critical and we keep case volume manageable for staff. Our focus is to provide every client with successful results by evaluating all appropriate options and providing full transparency throughout the case preparation process.

Our legal professionals handle various types of immigration cases.

Corporate Immigration:

  • Professional and Skilled Workers. This includes H-1B specialty occupation workers for those who will join an employer in a position requiring baccalaureate level  education, L-1 intra-company transferees, and green card sponsorship based on an employer’s labor certification establishing a failure to find a qualified US worker. This is the most common area of corporate immigration.
  • Investment Visas. This includes E-1 treaty trader and E-2 treaty investor visas. Those who are either seeking a visa based on their business conducting substantial trade between their country of nationality or those who are seeking to invest in a business and promote job creation may consider investment visa options.
  • Workers with Extraordinary or Special Skills. For those with extraordinary abilities or special skills, a quicker process to obtaining immigration status is possible. The categories for this include R-1 religious workers, certain individuals with extraordinary or special abilities, and National Interest Waivers (NIW).

Individual Immigration: 

  • Family. Family-based immigration includes sponsorship of spouses, children, fiancés, and siblings.
  • Citizenship. After maintaining permanent residence for a specified period, those who possess a green card may apply for  citizenship.
  • Study. Applying to change status for F-1 student status may involve some complications, therefore we provided assistance in the process to allow individuals to obtain this status to pursue their studies in the United States.
  • Victim-Based. For those who have been a victim of certain criminal activity, a U-visa is possible. For those who have experienced persecution and fear returning to their home country, political asylum is an option. For those married to a US citizen or permanent resident, a VAWA petition is an option. We provide service to assist individuals achieve success in all the above.